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Advertising online doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank. Let us make life easier. Premium Services without a premium price tag. It’s totally FREE for limited time!

Let us help you save money and grow your business using Google Ads. 

Book a Free No Obligation 30-minute Strategy Session

What you will get?

A free no obligation 30-minute strategy session with one of our digital marketing specialist and a report, that highlights the performance of your existing Google Ads / AdWords account. 

If you are not using Google Ads at the moment, we will discuss with you how Google Ads can be get you more customers and ultimately grow your business to the next level.

Wasted Spend

Are you wasting money on irrelevant keywords?

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

If your CTR is low, you may be losing to competing advertisers.

Account Activity

To maintain performance. How often are you checking under the hood?

Mobile Advertising

Use of mobile PPC best practices like call extensions, site links, and mobile-optimized text ads.

Landing Page Optimization

Do you have more or fewer landing pages than competition?


Text Optimization

Are you writing good text ads to get strong performance?


Impression Share

How often your ads appear as a result of relevant search queries?

Quality Score

Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads.

Long-Tail Keyword Optimization

Are you utilizing targeted long-tail keywords in your campaigns to reduce costs?

PPC Best Practices

Are you adhering to the proven best practices that PPC experts follow?

Book a call to see how Google Ads can grow your business!

If you have an existing Google Ads account, we would be happy to perform a audit of your account and let you know where you could be saving money. 

Take our feedback and apply the changes however you see fit. We are happy to help you perform the changes as well.

We are a digital marketing agency based in City of Sails – Auckland, New Zealand. We specialise in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Pay Per Click (PPC) – Google Ads and Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),  Display marketing and Retargeting. Let us create and manage your integrated campaigns across paid and organic search.