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Google Ads Management

Do you want a more profitable Business? Do you want more Customers who are willing to pay your prices? Yes!
Let us build your adverts that will get your Phone ringing today. 

Want to Drive More Traffic and Increase Conversions?

Struggling to increase your traffic or tired of flat conversion rate? Are your competitors attracting your potential target audience. We feel your pain. We manage Google Ads  informed by a deep understanding of the search landscape. We learn about your business, what you are trying to achieve, and what messaging your target audience expects. Then we  develop targeted strategies throughout your digital marketing that drive engagement and, most importantly, conversions.

Comprehensive Management to Deliver Results

We optimise your account on a weekly basis, unlike other agencies.

Campaign Strategy and Creation

We build your Google Ads account from the ground up, making us fully accountable. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Ad Copy Creation

Create attentive, credible, promising ad copy to get maximum action or response out of the visitor. We compare this with your competitors and advise you.

Budget and Bid Management

Calculate an effective monthly budget. Avoid over or under spending. Share budget across campaigns to ensure your whole account stays within limits.

Conversion Tracking

We track your conversions, emails, form fills and phone calls so we can accurately track your campaign performance and adjust as needed.

Keyword Research

We research positive and negative keywords for your campaign and ensure you are not losing money and getting the best value.

Geo Targeted Ads

Lock down the ad to a particular geographical region to target relevant visitors. We expand or retract territory based on facts from our AI tools.

Ad Testing

A solid ad copy testing methodology can drive instant and incremental improvements in performance – both click throughs and conversion.

Desktop & Mobile Ads

Ensuring effective delivery of your Ads across multiple devices. Ads are optimised for mobile to get the best results.

Book a Free No Obligation 30-minute Strategy Session

If you have an existing account, we will audit the performance of your Google Ads / AdWords account. If you are not using Google Ads at the moment, we will discuss with you how Google Ads can be get you more customers and ultimately grow your business to the next level.

Simple Pricing

No Strings Attached, No Contracts!

Why Work With Us?

Our pricing is reasonable and low. You can take advantage of this low pricing and quality ensuring maximum savings and efficiency for your business.

We track and report activity on your customised dashboard. Showing number of phone calls, form fills, and other details.

Our team connects with you each month over Skype or phone to explain what happend and how you can improve.

We use sophisticated AI tools to deliver best results. These tools cost us thousands of dollars and you can access the benefits part of the monthly subscription.

No long term lock ins or contracts. Terminate when you wish or stay for the ultimate quality and management.

We show you all the work conducted each month - full audit is provided.

Benefits of Google Ads Explained

[Pay Per Click]

Our Toolkit

Along with our Expertise, we use the Most Advanced Software Packages to Optimise and Manage Google Ads – Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns. You are in Good Company!

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