Creating Digital Experiences

Web Development & Mobile Apps

We increase your competitiveness through exploiting the opportunities offered by modern cloud platforms and develop software solutions that employ the internet of things, artificial intelligence and machine learning based on your requirements.

Software Development

Klimb provides custom software development services, including initial analysis, architecture design, solving challenging IT issues, testing and deployment. 

Mobile Apps

We are skilled in designing and developing mobile apps on any platform; whether it is native or hybrid for iOS and Android.

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We convert ideas to mobile applications by defining attractive interfaces and code that solve business functions. Our consultants provide mobile app business models for successful promotion and monetization.

Data Analytics

We deliver business intelligence and analytics solutions to help you realise competitive advantage and to make better decisions.

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We have expertise in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. We have the right abilities to help you get a grip on all your data to satisfy customer expectations and achieve operational excellence.

User Interface & User Experience

We bring human experience of mobile and web apps to our UI UX process in order to build quality interfaces for your product, service, website, or tool.

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We are keenly observant and fascinated by the human experience of mobile and web apps. We bring this consideration to all our User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) solutions.

.NET Development

We have expertise in .NET development to create commercial grade solutions including web applications, APIs, software integrations and widgets.

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We have expertise in Microsoft.NET development framework and develop software and applications that can be adapted to meet an extensive range of business needs.

Ionic Development

We specialise in leveraging ionic framework to deliver cross-platform mobile apps which run on different platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

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We develop hybrid mobile applications which can be released on multiple platforms simultaneously. We develop fast, intuitive, smooth mobile applications using ionic development framework.

Web Development

We develop customised web applications with rich and responsive experiences. We design, develop and deploy with a multitude of frameworks.

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We have expertise in web design and web development. We have developed beautiful websites since day one. And now that the web has more touch-points with society and media than ever before, we find that end-users are wanting rich and responsive experiences that enable effective engagement with brands and organisations. Our highly qualified and skilled team of web designers and developers have created websites for numerous brands, organisations, and businesses.

Business Analysis

Our business analysts will help you to identify business opportunities or problem areas and will suggest potential solutions.

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Our business analysts will help you to identify business opportunities or problem areas and will suggest potential solutions. We understand your business visions, goals, objectives, and strategies to identify desired future of your organisation.


We provide various prototyping solutions for your business ideas and applications to demonstrate how it works. It is an effective method of validating ideas.

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Prototyping is an effective method of validating ideas. We help you to develop a functional model to validate your business idea. We create a prototype to get you a real feel of the application and to understand the requirements of the proposed system better.

Software Integration

We can integrate your application with a third party software to provide seamless access to functionality, therefore increasing your company’s efficiency.

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We help you bring together the components of your sub-systems or third party components into a comprehensive system ensuring that the entire system works properly and seamlessly.

Loyalty Applications

Loyalty Applications allows businesses to connect with their customers and offer loyalty, leading repeated sales and increasing customers.

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We help businesses to know their customers better and keep them happy. Our loyalty applications lead to repeat sales and create a win-win situation for both the business and customers.

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