Remind Customers and Reduce No Shows!

Automated SMS Reminders and Text Messaging Service

Used by Health Professionals, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Advisers, Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Dentists, Driving Instructors, Training Organisations, Schools…

SMS reminders can help repeat sales

Use SMS to remind your customers to come back for more. Setup a reminder when your customer is in your store for next time easily.

Stop no shows

Missed appointments can cost your store time and money. SMS reminders are a great way to jog peoples memory and prompt them to come to the appointment, or giving them the opportunity to call and reschedule, allowing you to maximise your appointment book.

Easy 3 Step Process

Guaranteed Results, No Hassles.

Who are you sending to

Type the client’s number where you want to send the SMS.

What is the reminder about

Type the reminder details in message box. You can include your phone number, so client can contact you easily.

When does it need to be sent

Send right now or schedule for later – whatever works for your scenario.

Cloud-Based and User-Friendly Web SMS Platform with Advanced Features

Out perform your competition and build stronger relations with your customers

All in One Web App

Cloud hosted – Sign in and work from anywhere on any device. No need to worry about backups, data loss, support or upgrades. 24/7/365 human monitored servers.

Email SMS

Sending an SMS using our Email SMS system is as simple as composing an email. All you do is send the email to the mobile number eg [email protected].


Our flexible and powerful suite of API’s enable developers to add SMS send functionality to their applications. Our callback systems allow you to receive inbound messages and report on deliveries.


Re‐broadcasting is simply the process of texting a message to a virtual number and that message being broadcast to a list via our server. Re‐broadcasting is popular with teams.


2 Way SMS

Lot’s of SMS companies can deliver text messages. But few offer the ability to receive and automacally process replies and incoming messages. Chexmo enables you to receive SMS via a “Shortcode”

Sales Automation

Automate lead engagement and sales with 2 Way SMS. Being able to convert acquired leads is the job of direct sales communication, and with 2 Way SMS your sales people can engage with any lead immediately with a simple email response.

Simple Pricing – No Fuss!


$19 per month | $0.094 per message | $30 per keyword

* Price may vary based on based on the number. All prices are in NZD

$19 per month | $0.06 per message | $30 per keyword

* Price may vary based on based on the number. All prices are in AUD

£9 per month | £0.07 per message | £15 per keyword

* Price may vary based on destination number. All prices are in Euro

Request Pricing by emailing us at [email protected]

Supported Network Providers

Numerous Benefits


Saves time for both you and your patients

Saves costs


Regular virtual

Additional source of revenue